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THE HIGH CHAPARRAL DVD COLLECTION. The Complete Collection of the hit TV Series on DVD.


Description: THE HIGH CHAPARRAL DVD COLLECTION. The Complete Collection of the hit TV Series on DVD.
Genre: Western
Price: $159.99
Language: English
Limited Edition DVD Box Set
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The High Chaparral is a Western-themed television series which aired on NBC from 1967 to 1971. The show was created by David Dortort, who had previously created the hit Bonanza for the network. The theme song was also written and conducted by Bonanza scorer David Rose.

High Chaparral was the name given to the ranch owned and operated by the Cannon family in the Arizona Territory during the 1870's. Stubborn, proud Big John Cannon (Leif Erickson) is unceasing in his determination to carve a life in the untamed land. Frequently at odds with Big John is his firebrand of a younger brother Buck (Cameron Mitchell) and John's sensitive son, Billy Blue (Mark Slade). After his first wife's death, Big John marries Victoria (Linda Cristal), daughter of wealthy Mexican Land-owner, Don Sebastian Montoya (Frank Silvera) as a political alliance. Her roguish brother Manolito (Henry Darrow) accompanies her to the Cannon ranch and becomes a permanent member of the household. Sam Butler (Don Collier) is hired as the ranch foreman, while his brother Joe (Bob Hoy) along with Reno (Ted Markland), Pedro (Roberto Contreras), Ira (Jerry Summers), and Vaquero (Rudolfo Acosta) are the hard-working, fun-loving ranch hands.

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All 98 Uncut Episodes - 4 Seasons on 25 DVDS

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High Chaparral DVD complete series with all episodes and seasons on DVDs

NBC aired The High Chaparral, a western themed TV series, from 1967 until 1971. David Dortort was the creator of the show, who had earlier produced the hit “Bonanza” for this Network. David Rose, the Bonanza scorer, wrote and conducted the theme song.

The series character “Big” John Cannon was starred by Leif Erickson, a rancher residing in the Territory of Arizona in 1870s. He worked in his ranch with his brother Buck, starring Cameron Mitchell and son Billy (Blue Boy), starring Mark Slade. His mother, starring Annalee as Joan Caulfield, was murdered in the initial episode with an Indian arrow through a window.

Linda Cristal as Victoria is married to John Cannon to ensure the future of his son and courted as well. Victoria is the daughter of a prevailing and strong Don Sebastián Montoya. Victoria’s brother Manolito, starring Henry Darrow, is seen and comes to live with the family. In an airline flight to Tucson, Cameron Mitchell was also offered the role of Buck, as he sat besides the creator and his wife.


“The High Chaparral” was Dortort's innovation; and in the spring of 1967 he left the daily production of Bonanza, so he could spotlight himself for “The High Chaparral”. After the show cancelled in 1971, Dortort did not come back to Bonanza, but instead he retired. In 1967, during the casting of “The High Chaparral”, Dortort was asked by Nino Cochise for the part of Cochise. With reference to the Apache wars, Nino was the grandson of the Cochise., Nino was 92 years, Born in 1874, much old for a role, having one leg, needed a help for sitting and getting off the saddle; however he got the role.[1] the Old Tucson Studios was the venue for entire interior and exterior filming.


There is yet not any information that when it’ll be released on DVD in America or all in Europe. The first international release of the season-1 took place in Germany, on 20 May 2010. It included English Subtitles and is also dubbed in German. (The Information is presented on Amazon's website, in German). The season-2 is scheduled to be released on 9 December 2010, by the information from Kinowelt in Germany. There exists an error for dubbed German language in the 1st episode in disc 1, for a a small number of minutes. The quality is fantastic.