The Tragic Death of Carrie Hamilton: Daughter of Carol Burnett

Carol Burnett gave birth to Carrie Hamilton on December 5, 1963, she was the daughter of the late producer Joe Hamilton. Carrie Hamilton had an eventful life in which we pursued singing and acting as a professional career. Although short she managed to seal many roles, many of which she shared the screen or stage with her mother, Carol Burnett. Carrie Hamilton died on January 20, 2002 of brain and lung cancer. She passed away at age 38 and had 10 siblings in her life, two of which passed away several years earlier. She has starred several films one of which is Cool World, which also starred Brad Pitt and Kim Basinger. She guest starred in a role with her mother in an episode of the popular show called 'Touch by an Angel'. Other shows that she has appeared in are X-Files and also Fame. Carrie use to date American singer Ryan Adams, many of the songs he has written recently have focus on the torment of losing Carrie to illness and how he has coped since her passing. They were close together and still friends leading up to her passing in 2002. Carrie herself also endeavored into the music world releasing several tracks but never really made much success. There Is a Carrie Hamilton theatre in her honor which was named by her mother, Carol Burnett, in her honor. The theatre is famous for its Broadway like shows and is currently under-going a complete renovation and restoration to bring the theatre back to its original style. Although she was not alive as long as her mother, the impact she had was great in the industry and her impact on her mother's career was even greater. Carol Burnett's biggest regret is not seeing Carrie as much as she would have liked when show business became its busiest for her in the late 1970's. Carries memory will live on with the theatre named after her and her mother's continuing efforts in creating a cancer foundation in her honor. Carrie will be remembered by all in show business for her guest appearances in TV Shows and effort in stage musicals in the late 1980's.