The men Carol Burnett married

Carol Burnett had rags to riches story. She literally had no house to live in as a child and grew up in rented rooms. She grew up with her grandmother, who she remembers even now. The earring that she wears on her left year is in remembrance of her grandmother who brought her up and took her to all movies. The first house that Burnett bought was the Beverly Hills house. This was also the first house that she has loved in. for someone who lived all her life in rented rooms, this house was truly a luxury.

Burnett married for the first time on 15 December 1955. her marriage to Don Saroyan lasted for seven years when they parted ways in 1962. In the year 1963, she married Joe Hamilton who was a TV producer. When he married Burnett, Hamilton was a divorced from his wife and had eight children. Burnett had three daughters from Hamilton. Carrie Hamilton, the first daughter, was an actress and writer. The other two children are Jody Hamilton and singer Erin Hamilton. After 21 years of marriage, it ended in 1984 in a divorce. Subsequent to the divorce, Joe Hamilton died of cancer. Burnett married for a third time in 2001. She married Brian Miller, who is twenty-three years her junior. Miller is the drummer and contractor of Hollywood Bowl Orchestra.

Carol Burnett has had many ups and downs in her personal life. She was devastated when her daughter Carrie Hamilton died in 2002. She was suffering from lung and brain cancer. When she dies, she was only 38 years of age. Burnett had been particularly close to her first daughter. They had worked together and had written a play called Hollywood arms. The play was adapted from Burnett's best selling memoir, One More Time. Carrie Hamilton was addicted to drugs when she was in her teens. Once she married, her husband helped her get over the addiction to drugs.

Carol Burnett has had an active acting and writing career. Though she has had some major downs in her personal life, she has not let that affect her public life. She has been successful in her career on television. In fact one of her shows aired in the seventies, has been an all time benchmark for television shows.