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FATHER DOWLING MYSTERIES DVD COLLECTION. The Complete Collection of the hit TV Series on DVD.


Description: FATHER DOWLING MYSTERIES DVD COLLECTION. The Complete Collection of the hit TV Series on DVD.
Genre: Mystery
Price: $119.99
Language: English
Limited Edition DVD Box Set
Every Memorable Episode in One Huge Collection - Lowest Price Online Guaranteed

Father Dowling Mysteries (also known as Father Dowling Investigates in the UK) is an American television mystery series that appeared between 30 November 1987 and 2 May 1991, for its first season the show was on NBC, and on the ABC network for its last two seasons. It is based on the adventures of the title character created by Ralph McInerny, Professor of Philosophy, Director of the Jacques Maritain Center, and Michael P. Grace Professor of Medieval Studies at the University of Notre Dame.

Father Frank Dowling is a Catholic priest who continually stumbles over murders, abductions, and other high crimes in his hometown, Chicago, Illinois. He is assisted by Sister Stephanie "Steve" Oskowski, who does much of the legwork for Frank. Sister Steve is a streetwise nun who grew up in a rough housing project nearby, so she can hotwire a car and handle firearms with ease. She knows the language of the streets and converses in it fluently.

Father Philip Prestwick is the ladder-climbing assistant to the Archbishop, who just happens to drop in before meals, prepared by housekeeper Marie Murkin, who provides comic relief.

Father Dowling has an identical twin brother named Blaine (played by the same actor), who appeared in only three episodes: "The Face in the Mirror Mystery," "The Woman Scorned Mystery," and "The Fugitive Priest Mystery." Blaine Dowling is a thief and con artist who isn't above framing his brother for his crimes.

What an amazing DVD Set for the Father Dowling Fan!

All 43 Uncut Episodes - 3 Seasons on 7 DVDS

  • Excellent video and audio quality
  • 100% in chronological order
  • Commercial free and unedited
  • This box set contains all 7 DVDs with Custom Artwork.
  • These DVDs are region free so they will play on any DVD player Worldwide and DVD-Rom, X-Box or PS2 worldwide.

These are brand new, in stock and ready to ship.  On Sale for a Limited Time only.



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