Members of Carol Burnett Family

Born in San Antonio, Texas, Carol Burnett did not have a smooth sailing in her childhood. Her parents did not support her when she was a child. Her mother, Ina Louise was a publicity writer for movie studios, while her father Joseph Thomas Burnett was a movie theatre manager. She did not live with her parents as a child because both her parents, especially her father, suffered from alcoholism.

Carol Burnett grew up with her grandmother, Mabel Eudoria White. A few years after her birth, her parents divorced and Burnett and her grandmother had to moved to a place closer to where her mother lived. She has spent most of her childhood living in rented rooms. When they moved over to California with her mother, they stayed in a boarding hose. It was shared with her half-sister, Chrissy.

Her mother was not appreciative of her interests in acting. She wanted Burnett to become a writer. Her ideology was that you can write no matter how you look but your acting career dies off with age. Burnett did not give up and pursued her interest in acting along with her boyfriend Don Saroyan, who she later married in 1955.

Carol Burnett has had a tumultuous personal life. Her marriage of seven years with don Saroyan ended in 1962 with a divorce. The next year she married Joe Hamilton who was a TV producer. When she married him, Joe Hamilton was a father of eight who had was divorced from his wife. The Hamilton-Burnett marriage lasted for 21 years and they had three children. They got divorced in 1984, soon after which Hamilton died of cancer.

Of the three children she had with Hamilton, Burnett was particularly fond of Carrie Hamilton. Carrie was a drug addict when she was in her teens. She later got over the addiction with the help of her husband. She was written a play called Hollywood Arms, which was adapted from Burnett's memoir, One More Time. Carried died of brain and lung cancer in the year 2002, when she was only 38. Burnett was devastated with her death.