How many children did Carol Burnett have?

Carol Burnett is a popular American actress who rose to stardom in Broadway. Coming from very humble origins, her story is of rags to riches. Her initial years were more of a struggle with no support from her parents. Born on April 26, 1933 to Ina Louise and Joseph Thomas Burnett, Carol had a traumatic childhood. Both her parents suffered from alcoholism as a result of which she was sent to her grandmother. Caron Burnett grew up with her grandmother.

Carol Burnett graduated from the Hollywood High School, after which she joined the University of California. Though she joined the University to pursue a degree in journalism, she later changed her subject to theater. It was at this University that she met her future husband, Don Saroyan. She led a very active life at the college. She was part of many productions at the University and was noted for her abilities in comedy and music.

Carol Burnett, along with her boyfriend, Don Saroyan left college and moved to New York. She wanted to pursue her passion for acting. Fortunately for her, she received money from someone who approved of her dreams and passion to fund her acting career. Though her mother strongly disapproved of her acting interests, she passionately pursued it and made it big.

Her acting career was not very successful when she started off. She did not land any acting roles and worked as a check girl. In 1955 she managed to bag a small role in Paul Winchell and Jerry Mahoney show. This was the beginning and based on this short appearance she was cast opposite Buddy Hackett in a sitcom called Stanley.

Carol Burnett married thrice. She divorced her first husband Don Saroyan in 1962 and married TV producer Joe Hamilton in 1963. This marriage lasted for 21 years, in which she had three children - Carrie Hamilton, Jody Hamilton and singer Erin Hamilton. Carrie Hamilton took to durgs when she was in her teens. She got over the addiction with the help of her husband but later succumbed to brain and lung cancer. Her death in 2002 at the age of 38 left Carol Burnett devastated.