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The Jeffersons DVD Collection

The Jeffersons DVD Collection. The Complete Collection of the hit TV Series on DVD.

DVD BOX SETS The Jeffersons DVD Collection

Title: The Jeffersons DVD Collection
Description: The Jeffersons DVD Collection. The Complete Collection of the hit TV Series on DVD.
Price: $109.99
Language: English

Limited Edition DVD Box Set
The Complete Seasons 1-6 in One Huge Collection - Lowest Price Online Guaranteed

The Jeffersons is an American sitcom that was broadcast on CBS from January 18, 1975, through June 25, 1985, lasting 11 seasons, and a total of 253 episodes produced by T.AT. Communications Company from 1975-1982 and Embassy Television from 1982-1985. It is the longest running comedy (or series of any genre) with a predominantly Black cast in the history of American television.

The show focused on George and Louise Jefferson, an upper middle-class Black couple. The show was launched as the second spin-off of All in the Family, on which the Jeffersons had been the neighbors of Archie and Edith Bunker.

In 1975, The Jeffersons moved on up when George found success in a dry cleaning business. This allowed him and his wife, Louise and their son Lionel to "move on up" into a spacious high rise apartment. At the beginning of the series, Lionel was attending college and graduated in February 1976. He married Jenny Willis in December of the same year and they had a daughter in 1979, Jessica Jefferson.

Other members of the cast include, Tom and Helen Willis were upstairs neighbors and also Jenny's parents. Florence Johnston was the Jefferson's sassy maid who was hired as a part-time maid in the first episode but in October 1976 moved in and became a full-time maid. Mother Jefferson was George's fiesty mother who forever put Louise down but deep down loved her. Harry Bentley was the British, next door neighbor. Besides being quite eccentric and forever borrowing things from the Jeffersons, Bentley worked as a translator at the United Nations. In 1981, Bentley was written out as being transferred to Russia, but returned in 1983. Ralph was the building doorman who forever begged for tips from George and the other tennents in the building.

Tom and Helen Willis were controversial characters since they were most likely TV's first interracial couple. Helen was Louise's best friend and they ran a Help Center which opened in 1977. As for Tom and George, it took the entire run of the series to develop their love/hate friendship.

What an amazing DVD Set for The Jeffersons Fan! 

135 Uncut Episodes - The Complete Seasons 1 to 6 - 16 DVDS

  • Excellent video and audio quality
  • 100% in chronological order
  • Commercial free and unedited
  • This box set contains all 16 DVDs with Custom Artwork.
  • These DVDs are region free so they will play on any DVD player Worldwide and DVD-Rom, X-Box or PS2 worldwide.

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