Carol Burnett sister Chrissy

Their grandmother Mabel Eudora White raised Carol Burnett and her younger half sister Chrissy since their early childhood. A great comedian, actress, dancer and writer Carol Burnett was born on 26th April 1933 to Joseph Burnett and Ina Louise. Chrissy was younger daughter of Joseph Burnett and Louise Burnett. Carol's parents were alcoholic and her father was largely absent from home for his other commitment and her mother's frustrated behavior due to lack of getting employment were the reason that Carol Burnett and her younger half sister Chris Frauchinger or Chrissy was looked after by their grandmother who took them to her boarding house in Hollywood.

From difficult childhood, Carol Burnett rose to the most popular actress of theatre and television who has made a place in the hearts of millions of people across the globe. Carol Burnett not only performed live on Broadway theatre but did variety of roles in American TV serials and films. She started her career around 1955 and since then she is continuously attached to theatres and television.

Carol Burnett debuted as the girlfriend of Jerry Mahoney in the Saturday morning children's program the Winchell-Mahoney show in the year 1955. Later her performance in the TV serial The Garry Moore show, a daytime variety show during 1956-59 brought her in limelight. It was the time when she started getting offers for a variety of television serials and CBS Network offered Carol Burnett a contract for $1 million for her exclusive services for the next 10 years. In the year 1962, she appeared in "Julie and Carol at Carnegie Hall" television serial.

Carol Burnett appeared first time in film "Who is been sleeping in my bed" in the year 1963 and later she appeared in many more films including The Wedding, Pete `n` Tillie, Friendly Fire, Life of the Party: the Story of Beatrice and Horton Hears a Who. Some of her best television shows includes The Carol Burnett Show, Sitcom, Twigs, Mad about you. She has much recognition for her outstanding performance in theatre, television and films. She got Emmy for the popular television serial The Carol Burnett Show in the year 1962 and was nominated for golden globe three times for best actress and one time for best supporting role.