Carol Burnett DVD Collection

Comedy and Amusement is GOD gifted quality. One who lives happily and always tries to make other happy is practicing a good habit. There are many people who only worked to keep others happy. They performed in TV shows and live concerts. If you are admirer of comedy then you would watch every comedy show aired on TV. But nowadays there is shortage of time to watch these shows live on TV regularly.

So if you want to enjoy these shows, you can purchase DVD collection of these shows. I would suggest you have DVD set of "Carol Burnett Show" known as CBS. The show was presented on TV from 1967 - 1978. I would like to give you a short introduction of this show. Carol Burnett show was a big success in the history of television. It was hosted by Carol Burnett herself. She gave a new thought to comedy through her show. She introduced music in comedy shows. She also used to have a question answer session with audience at the start of show. Show was broadcasted for 11 seasons. Now if you want to enjoy that show, you can buy its DVD collection available in the market as well as online.

The one more reason of recommending this show is that Carol Burnett made this show a legend through her efforts. This show was so popular that it won a series of awards. She became a famous comedian from this show. She got award for best comedian three times consecutively. In 1977 she was announced as the most popular woman. This was a great achievement of her.

The main cause of success of Carol Burnett show is that she was the sole comedian of her style. If you are innovative then you will be liked by audience for sure. Carol Burnett was really inventive in her work. She created some characters out of her mind. Those were admired well by the public.

The main cause of her legendry characters and work is hard work by her. You should buy Carol Burnett DVD collection and must watch all 11 seasons of it.