Carol Burnett Characters!

Carol Burnett the 21st century best comedian actor. Main reason behind the fame and popularity of Carol Burnett was her comedy and skits were unique and well-accepted by every age of people. The era in which Carol Burnett holds people vote and admiration was lies from 1967-1979. The main point that people admired this show and became fan of that show was the musical blend and she also focused on the famous celebrities of that era in her show.

The starting of Carol Burnett Show was quite interesting and Carol answered the questions of the audiences in the starting of the show. After that Carol adopted many characters to promote her show and those characters were became so popular that they become legendry with passage of time. Her main and famous characters include Char Lady, Eunice, Norma Desmond, the gum chewing and the wise- cracking secretary.

All of these characters were adopted by Carol Burnett and she really did a really remarkable job by performing those characters. Only because of her great and enormous effort all of the above named characters became so popular and unforgettable. But from above discussed characters one or two of the characters were the most famous ever of her life time show.

The character by her she got worldwide popularity was Scarlet O'Hara to Harvey Korman's Rhett Butler. Her out fit in that character was she festooned in green velvet curtains and complete rod. The part she played in that character was so much admired and liked by people and Carol Burnett proved herself to be the top comedian of her era.

The character of Eunice and its skits have resemblance of Carol's own life history. The theme of that character was that circumstances in which she grew up. Though in time of grieve and sorrow how she managed to keep herself happy. Her parents were struggling and left her in very young age to her grandmother. Her maternal grandmother raised her with great care and also told her to face the world. Though Carol Burnett was a comedian but she gave many lessons in her comedy of daily routine life.