Carol Burnett and Close Friend Lyle Wagner

Carol Burnett was the star of the Carol Burnett show but always attributes her success in television to her friends and family. One of Carol's closest co-stars on the show was Lyle Wagner. The show comprised of herself and four other main actors, Lyle Wagner, Harvey Korman, Vicki Lawrence and Tim Conway. Tim Conway recently passed away in 2008 and will forever be remembered for his fine work in American television throughout the 60's through to the late 70's. Waggoner following his main role on the Carol Burnett started his own company that specialized in the creation of customized trailers in the entertainment industry. This company, founded in 1979 is called Star Wagons', and is the largest of its kind in the world. The company approximately turns over twenty million dollars annually and profits continue to grow until this day. Waggoner ended his career in show business when the Carol Burnett show finished and used that time to maintain focus on his dream of running the company to success. Lyle, although no longer working in the industry, has found the time to make regularly guest appearances on American sitcoms. Several of these sitcoms were that 70's show, starring Ashton Kutcher, the other show was called Return to the Batcave. In all of his guest appearances Lyle has played the same role as he did back on the Carol Burnett Show. This can be attributed the distinct characteristics of his role on that show which made him famous. Lyle loved to parody other characters in his role on the Carol Burnett show so it is only fitting for him to parody himself on other shows. Lyle of late has focused on his company and its future. Over the next ten years he hopes that his company can double its profits and capture even more of the competitive market of customizable trailers for the entertainment industry. Carol Burnett still keeps in regular contact with Lyle, the same way she tries to with all of her old show business friends. Carol treats her friends from the Carol Burnett show days with regular contact that includes preparation for one final reunion show.