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KUNG FU THE LEGEND CONTINUES COMPLETE DVD SERIES. The Complete Collection of the hit TV Series on DVD.


Description: KUNG FU THE LEGEND CONTINUES COMPLETE DVD SERIES. The Complete Collection of the hit TV Series on DVD.
Genre: Action
Price: $149.99
Language: English
Limited Edition DVD Box Set
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Kung Fu: The Legend Continues was a spin off to the 1972-1975 television series, Kung Fu. This series debuted in syndication for four seasons, from January 27, 1993 to January 1, 1997, and the show was broadcast in over 70 countries. The series was filmed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Since 1997, due to the show's popularity, reruns of the show were previously seen on TNT, and are still shown in Canada on CIIT-TV OMNI.11.

Like his grandfather and namesake from the original TV series, Kwai Chang Caine is a Shaolin priest. Caine was the head of a temple in Northern California, where his son Peter also lived and studied, until the Temple was destroyed in a fire caused by a renegade priest attempting a take over of the Shaolin. Han believed the priests would serve better as mercenaries. After the destruction of the temple, each believed the other had perished, and went on their separate ways; Caine wandered and traveled, much as his grandfather had, while Peter became a foster child, and then a police officer. The series begins when Caine comes to the city's Chinatown section, where Peter's precinct is, and they are reunited after being separated for 15 years.

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Kung Fu Legend Continues DVD complete series on DVD

Kung Fu is previously broadcasted in 70 countries from January 27, 1993 to January 1, 1997 filmed in Canada, Toronto, Ontario staring David Carradine and Chris potter as father and son best kung Fu players Carradine playing a shoalin preacher while potter a police detective re-broadcasted by TNT due to its fame in viewers. The series was terminated on direct orders from producer of PTEN.

Following the trends of previous series David Carradine staring as Kwai Chang Caine parted as shoaline high priest in Californian temple living in temple with his son who is student in California till the day of destruction made by a band of soldiers of monks formed by a traitor serving in shape of priest. After the whole destruction Caine wandered and become traveler Potter been fasted and join police force as detective. The series start with the return of both Caine and potter return to the home town the shinning Chinatown from where they were separated long before almost 15 years.

The leading role in the series was the grandson of Caine who was Kung Fu master, honest, and had priest of temple located in northern California fifteen years before the start of the series. With the series progression, we stumble out that his widespread exercise of numerous, diverse art and training consent to him to execute extraordinary and frequently unfeasible phenomenal feats. These consist of breach sheltered gates, limp light up with the gesture of a hand over, disappearing lacking air for comprehensive time, approaching places he ought to not be able to reach.

He was presented as shambhala master with vey improved skills in third season. He found himself as peter in the same city as Caine his Quotes throughout the series has eastern philosopher image. Caine become a celebrity and musician like John Lennon and Frank Zappa appeared in almost every episode of the entire series.

The series has been a must watch for people who are fans of Kung Fu and even till date, it is regularly watched by a certain group of people. Overall, it is a very good series.