A Brief Biography of Carol Burnett

Carol Burnett is an iconic figure in America's comedy television, and is also an inspiration to both, men and women comics for almost 50 years. In spite of the difficult childhood that Carol Burnett experienced, to become one of the most famous and loved performers on television, is extremely inspiring and noteworthy.

She was featured on a number of series, but holds extreme popularity with her own acclaimed sketch comedy series, "The Carol Burnett Show" which was telecast on CBS from 1967-1978. She was also a musical performer, which won an award for her debut in "Once upon a Mattress". Although she performed in many more television and movie series, none could have equaled the heights she achieved by "The Carol Burnett Show". However, she also enjoyed a great movie career with roles in films such as "A Wedding" by Robert Altman (1978), "Annie" by John Huston (1982), "The Front Page" by Billy Wilder (1974) and she always excelled with her returns to stage, especially with "Moon Over Buffalo" (1995) and "Putting It Together" (1999).

Born in 1933 in San Antonio, Burnett faced a difficult childhood with both parents afflicted by alcoholism, especially her father who was absent from her life as he was committed to a sanitarium. Carol and her sister Chrissy was brought up by their grandmother, in an impoverished area in Hollywood. When in Hollywood High School she realized her talents in making peers laugh, and it gave her more satisfaction as this seemed to give her equal happiness, helping her overcome all the difficult memories of her childhood. She was an undergraduate student at the University of California in Los Angeles, and after graduation to left of New York to pursue her passion.

She married her fellow-student of UCLA, Don Saroyan, but the marriage ended amicably in 1962.

Carol Burnett's career began with a novelty song which gave her exposure at variety shows and nightclubs. This led her to a guest shot on popular shows such as "Paul Winchell-Jerry Mahoney Show" on NBC in 1956-57. She played a lead role in "Once Upon a Mattress," a musical comedy based on the fairy tale "The Princess and the Pea". She had many more roles in various shows to add to her credit, over time, including serving as executive producer.

Her comic talents got her a chance on "The Garry Moore Show," which gave her an opportunity to experiment various characters on sketches on a weekly basis. The great shows and appearances won her many Emmy Awards on various sectors. The same year she won an Emmy (1963), she married Joe Hamilton, with whom she had 3 daughters, Carrie, Erin and Jody.

After a long working relationship with CBS and with her immense experience in acting, theatre, singing and so much more, CBS finally granted her permission in 1967 to start "The Carol Burnett Show" - a weekly series that gave an excellent platform for Burnett's comedic gifts. Each episode opened with the actress greeting her audience with a "Question and Answer" segment, and each opening bit concluded with Burnett tugging her ear, with a smile to the camera, which was later revealed as a message and sign to her grandmother that she was doing well and that she loved her. Her grandmother was a regular viewer of this show until her death. This show touched the hearts of many with some of sketches being exceptionally popular.

"The Carol Burnett Show" was aired on CBS until 1978, and its reruns are yet so well accepted by viewers. Carol Burnett has touched the hearts of many and has a great number of fans of the 1970s. She is a lady who proudly says that, 'One Laugh Changed Her Life."