A Man Called Hawk dvd box dvd

Starring: Avery Brooks, Moses Gunn, Angela Bassett

A Man Called Hawk is an action and drama series that started airing on ABC on January 28, 1989. Lasting one season, the show aired its 13th episode on the same channel on May 13, 1989.

A Man Called Hawk is a spinoff of Spenser: For Hire, another crime drama TV series. Created by Robert B. Parker, the TV showis about the life of Hawk, played by African-American actor Avery Brooks, and how he saved individuals from danger and those who were too weak to defend themselves. The series was able to showcase Hawk’s talents in playing jazz music, chess and boxing. The show also starred Moses Gunn as Old Man and Angela Bassett as Bailey Webster. Several actors appeared twice on this primetime TV series, including William Fichtner, Maggie Rush and Charles S. Dutton.

Due to the TV series’ popularity and Brooks’ excellent performance, several TV films were produced featuring Brooks as Hawk, including Spenser: Ceremony in 1993, Spenser: The Judas Goat in 1994.




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All 13 Uncut Episodes - 1 Seasons on 7 DVDS

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All 13 Uncut Episodes - 1 Seasons on 7 DVDS
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